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opinion, Video / November 6, 2012

Video is HARD

For the past year, I’ve been wanting to do more video projects.  I’ve been really inspired by so many great photographers who have done some really interesting things using video now that DSLR cameras are shooting video.  The big sensor and the nice glass makes so many options available but every time I try to do something, the amount of time shooting and editing is so much more then I’ve had lately.  I don’t mind going out and doing a 2 or 3 hour shoot but editing 2 or 3 hours of video is so daunting to me.  If I’ve got more then one camera, then I’ve got that much more hours of video to watch and edit down to cuts that I can work on.  I see work like my friend Matt Nash worked on for over a year and am in awe in what he has accomplished on his movie, 16 Photographs at Ohrdruf.

The process is still so foreign to me from my photography editing process.  I’ve been shooting for years and I’ve got 10’s of thousands of photos but I can go through and edit them pretty quickly.  Video requires having a plan and an idea of what you want to shoot.  It requires going through and labeling work so it doesn’t get lost and a lot of pre-visualisation.  This is a new working style that requires me to change my process and change is hard with 2 little boys at home who that I want to spend my time with.

My goal of the next few months is to go out and shoot some video projects.  Simple stuff with local dogs, my family and friends from the dog park.  Then, I’ll have some experience and be able to dive deep into creating some interesting content.  There are a few books I need to get and lots of training videos I should watch too.  One book that I’ve heard is great is “shut up and shoot“. I know a lot of faculty who teach with this book.  Another great starting place is Vincent Laforet.  He is a photographer who went all in on video and has really done some amazing things.

I hope to be able to show you some fun new things soon. My assistant and I are working on a funny little idea that relates to William Wegman videos.  More soon.

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