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Video / January 24, 2014

Toby time lapse on couch

This is my first attempt at doing a time lapse video with my still camera.  I wasn’t sure how well it would work out but I’m really happy about it for a first attempt. I’m also really glad I did my research before I got started.  There were a few basic settings that I made sure to set before I started that made post production much easier.  That way, I brought the photos into lightroom and then made some adjustments from there. It made it much easier make it look consistent in the video. There is a bit of a flicker but it’s not too bad.

I almost did a time lapse project a of a building getting moved but it didn’t work out (I guess I’m too expensive). I’ve got some new ideas though and can’t wait to get back to the dog park. The hardest part of doing this kind of work is the time. To compress hours into seconds takes days to plan, hours shooting and even more hours editing. I know though that there is a lot of possibilities. Since the popular thing right now is mini sports cameras, I’ll go the other direction and slow down time.

A big thanks for the music, “Sonstiges” goes to  by Podington Bear. I got it off the Vimeo page.

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