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Video / February 10, 2017

Photo Friday – Snow day video

Snow Day. Hurray!

My town and most of MA had a snow day yesterday because of the huge storm that blew in. We’ve had a really mild winter so far so it was a nice change to have a real snow storm. Last winter we didn’t have much at all. I’ve been wanting it to snow since winter started. I’ve got a client who’s dog loves the snow so this weekend, we are going to go out and create a body of work for them. The client is Booker, the three-legged dog who was in the Black Dogs Project book. I’m super excited to be able to shoot Booker and his family. I’m going to work hard to get some great photos they can have and share. Once they pick their favorites, I’ll share them here.

I’m also excited that I’ve been just running around shooting. I got a new, pocket-size, camera and it’s been so great. I don’t use my cell phone anymore to take photos and the quality is so much better. Sure, plenty of people take good photos with their phone and I’ve taken some I just love but they fall apart once I try to print them or enlarge them. Almost anything can look good on a cell phone or even tablet but I’m critical of photos so I want quality. This new camera (Sony RX100V) does that for me. I shot this video with it too. I hope to shoot more video as I continue to progress.


Toby dog on carpet

Up close and personal with Toby. This is his belly rub face


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