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promotion / October 30, 2015

Video Friday – Black dogs portfolio

Custom Portfolio for the black dogs project

I’ve created a limited edition portfolio that goes along with the Black Dogs Project book. I’m working with a local printer who prints exclusively with eco-friendly papers and inks and the portfolio box is produced by a Rhode Island custom portfolio builder. This is going to be limited to only 10 boxes and prints. They will all come with a signed book that fits the box perfectly.

I’m so excited to offer such a beautiful collection of photos that come right out of the book. These are the dogs and photos that had the greatest impact on me while creating this work. When I see the photos printed in the book, I think, WOW, that’s so nice. Well, then having the custom prints on the archival rag paper takes it to another level. You really get the richness of the prints and the depth of the tonality.

For those who are passionate about photography and dogs, this is a perfect package to add to any collection.

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