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promotion / May 8, 2015

Getting press for black dogs project

The Black Dogs Project is getting some great press response and the book hasn’t even been printed yet. I was just interview by about the work and it’s great to see such a strong response to the work. The publishing team has been working so hard to get the word out and the response has be immediate. I know that it’s still hitting a nerve with people and it’s always great to hear from so many people.

When it first was featured on the Huffington Post last year, the responses were huge and people were sending me photos and stories of their dogs. I’m getting that again and it’s so great to hear about people are able to do so much for so many pets in need. I’m still pointing them to so they can share with the rest of the world. I love seeing the photos and hearing the stories but it should be seen by more than just me.

The good thing now though is people are now asking about buying the book. I can now start pointing them to the publishers online bookstore. If you have a favorite local bookstore that you support, please ask them to carry the book. Everyone wins if you can do that. They can contact me and I’ll point them to the right person at the publishers office.


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