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promotion, Workshop / August 7, 2012

First Photo workshop on the Cape

This summer, I’ve decided to start offering some workshops.  In my process of building my business I decided to go back to my roots of what I want to do.  I want to teach and take pictures.  I love the interaction of students and the learning process of education as well as just the pure joy of photography.  Last year, I met up with the Metro West Photography Collaborative on  It got me thinking about the process of what I’ve been doing in higher ed for the past 12 or so year and wanting to do it more on my own.  I’ve seen lots of people doing workshops either online or through other groups and know that I’ve got really good information that would work well for this kind of process.

So I know it’s kinda last minute but I’m going to be on the Cape in Hyannis MA , offering a 1 day workshop on Sunday, August 19th from 12-6. If I get enough people together this will run. The max to run will be 10 and the minimum is 4.  I’m considering a price structure of the first 5 people would be $100 and each person who signs up after that would pay $50 more then the next (ie. the 6th person would pay $150, and the 10th would pay $350).

In the class, we will be focusing on using the camera and composing great photos.  We will talk about how to set up your camera; the best modes for shooting depending on how you shoot and how to take advantage of all the parts that make the camera work. How to pre-visualize what you want before you take the photo and what to do before you snap the shutter.  We’ll work collaboratively with the group to discuss all the different cameras and what you to expect from your shoot. I suspect this class will be best for those who are eager amateurs who want to take more control of their cameras and the images they take. There will be a bit of me talking to the group. A lot of walking around Hyannis taking photos with me offering suggestions to each person. We’ll try to look at everyones best photos at the end and if all goes well, create a online gallery where everyone can share the photos and get feedback once the class is over. (Still need to figure out if that will be a Flickr group or something via Facebook or Google+)

Please contact me before August 15th if you are interested.

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