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promotion / November 4, 2015

Book giveaway

a giveaway

This week, I’m trying something new. I’m running a giveaway for signed copy of the Black Dogs Project book. I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from so many people that I wanted to offer a giveaway to those who follow my work.

This giveaway will run until Friday, 11/20. You can do one of three things. You can simply visit my Facebook Fan page, tweet out a message or even tell me a little about your dog. The more you do, the more chances you have to win. Please share with your friends and family as well. If they love their pets half as much as you do, they would love this book.

The one limitation is that I’ll only ship within the US. As much as I appreciate my international fans, I can’t ship that far. If you can’t get the book, please tell your local book store that you want them to carry it and that will get my book publisher to make new copies.

Keep spreading the word and help get the book out. Every book sold helps Labrador and Friends.

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