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Photos / April 18, 2011

Working with what I’ve got

In the process of expanding my portfolio, I am dragging out all my old projects that I’ve never made time for.  It’s always a good way to exercise my creativity.  Part of that process is breaking habits and letting things happen.  In this photo is a rocking chair that I’ve had all my life.  At this stage, it wasn’t even worth sitting in. The arms and back was coming undone and I couldn’t fix it anymore.  We tried getting rid of it but because I come from a long line of collectors, It’s often hard to part with things.  Part of that process of discarding is giving old items a new life.  For this chair, I took a hatchet to the seat until it broke in two.  This photo is the before and after of that process.  I don’t get to be very physical in my daily life so it was great to exert myself with a hatchet.  There is another chair that has been outside all winter that is coming in next.  I had a busy holiday weekend shooting so I didn’t get to it yet. I know I collect too much and often surround myself with items that I could live without.  I’m taking ownership of that and putting it in front of the camera.

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