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Events, Photos / June 8, 2011

Whisker Walk 2011

This was my second year at Whisker Walk and it was a huge success.  Thousands of people and dogs showed up and everyone I met was as nice as could be.  The weather was great, the turn out was HUGE. All the dogs were on such good behavior too.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day.  I hope everyone had a great time. Every dog I photographed seemed very happy and excited about their photos.  If you missed this event, I’ve got some highlights here on my page but even more on my Smug Mug printing site. If you feel you missed out, I’m doing some more events soon.

The next big event is going to be Bark in the Park, supporting the Baypath Humane Society.  It’s a fundraiser event and should be a lot of fun. My summer is really starting out busy but I’m doing what I love most. More on that later.

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