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clients, Photos / April 13, 2012

Welcome back Red Sox to Fenway Park

About a month ago, I worked with the Marketing department at Lesley University to promote The Art Institute of Boston (AIB).  It all started with an idea of doing something for a billboard campaign that will be on the local highways.  Well, this opportunity to do an add in a 100 year commemorative program for Fenway Park and the Red Sox that will be available all season at Fenway Park dropped into our laps with only 3 days to come up with an idea, shoot and design it.  The good thing is that we had a weekend to pull all the resources and get it to the studio at AIB.  It was also spring break so the building was empty of students and we could take over the room for 2 days.  Between me and four other people, we pulled off building this object and creating a pretty cool shot of it.  The design for the ad was completed by a student, Colton Barber. I’m really happy how it turned out but just don’t know where to put it in my portfolio.  No dogs or people were photographed and I’ve got no big plans to do more like this.  I am working on more promotion for AIB because they have a image problem they are hoping to change.  Many people think of that other for-profit art school when people hear about AIB so Lesley is working hard to change that.  The core of what I’m really doing with this group though isn’t so much photography but branding.  The AIB Logo is easy to place into many different forms as a square, so I’ve been designing shots like this one where the logo is built out of other objects.  The billboard ideas are heading down that same line.

Since today is the home opener, I figured I’d post this.  Go Red Sox!  Happy Birthday to Fenway Park.

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