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Events, Family, Photos / August 11, 2011

Three two year old birthday parties in a month

It seems kinda crazy but I’ve photographed at 3 birthday parties for children turning 2 in the past month.  The first was for Michael in Cleveland, OH while on our road trip.  I didn’t shoot much but I got some great photos of the little guy.  Michael’s mom is my wife’s best friend from grade school so when they get together, it is always fun.  The second was our friends boy’s birthday party.  Their two boys 2 and 6 both have a joined party every year.  The great thing is they are expecting their 3rd soon so all will be within one month.  The party is going to be crazy in a few years.  The last was AJ who is the grandchild of my boy’s daycare provider.  She is the best and has the big back yard with a bouncy house for her party.  I wasn’t at any of these parties to just take photos but I can’t help myself. They are so much fun and the kids are just great.  They are having fun, playing, eating and running around.  It’s all about them which makes it much better when I’m taking pictures.  The kids really like it too.  Since I’m shooting digitally, I get to show them the photos while I’m shooting and since most don’t ever get to see such a big camera, they get a kick out of it.  The boy’s at Michael’s party got really excited about the camera so I let them take a few pictures.  All hopped up on cake and ice cream, they were jumping around posing and snapping pics.  It was really cute.

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