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Photos, Video / November 2, 2012

This Way to Hell video promo

For the past year, I’ve been shooting photos with my iPhone.  Well, to be honest, I’ve been shooting photos with my cell phone since my wife bought me my first cell phone. That was before there was even an iPhone and the quality was pretty poor.  The good thing is that I did always have a camera with me when ever I saw something interesting, I would shoot it.  The first real series I did was cakes with funny faces painted on it.  I did that for a while and liked that I could share them on line through Flickr.

This current series I get to upload right to my Tumblr page which has a whole new set of followers that are more engaged and I know more of the people who follow the photos. From there, I connect it to my facebook page so even more people who are interested in what I am doing can follow along.

I’ve been seeing these great promotional videos of books being recorded like this so I wanted to put my new book out there. It’s not dog related but it does show my creative process and keeps my ability to see like a photographer. Let me know what you think.

The music is “Gökte Güller Açıyor” by Hayvanlar Alemi (

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