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Photos / June 8, 2016

The Usual Photo Suspects

Photos of all four close-ups.

Last week, Rochester, Tora, Desi, and Grimmy all came to the studio to get photos taken. This little crew rules the roost and were such a good group. Like most owners, they were worried about how their dogs would react in this strange place. It’s kinda dark there are these strange lights flashing and I’m this stranger with this giant eyeball staring at them.

But once they got here, they removed all their collars and leads and can wander around my small space, sniff around and calmed down. I don’t get the dogs excited by giving them lots of attention because I want them to relax and settle into my space. I do a few test shots and make sure there are plenty of treats available so when they do see the flash, they get a treat and know it’s okay.

We then started with Rochester, who would show the others that everything would be okay. Because he’s a Shitzu mix, the eyes so inset in the skull so it makes it harder to get the lighting right but we got some really nice photos. As we kept going, Desi was the one they were most worried about. Desi is the newest dog to their pack and wasn’t sure how he’d do. Once he was on the shooting table, he was great. He got all the attention and the treats and was posing for the camera. He ended up being the easiest to photograph.

The last part was trying to get them all posing together (see Friday’s post). That was pretty great. First, it felt like it wasn’t going to work but once we all relaxed and let them settle, they were able to settle down. To get them to look, I had to make all kinds of strange noises that, I find, get dogs attention pretty well.

At the end, we went over all the photos, which I normally do on my own and edited down to their favorite photos. I’m going to help them figure out the framing for the photos once I get them from the printer and even help install the photos. It’s going to be really great to see these photos hanging in their house when all is said and done.



Rochester getting used to the lights.


Tora is the senior and just a love.


Desi is the new kid on the block.


Grimmy is Tora’s pup. What a happy face.

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