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Photos / March 25, 2011

The BLOG is Back

I’m considering using this as the main entry to my site but for now it’s the BLOG link. It is way more then just a blog though. There are portfolio pages that dance around and look really cool. Very image friendly and I can even add video. I’m going to put together a nice Links page and I hope to continue to update and expand on the page.

This is a wordpress theme I found on ThemeForest.  It’s called Sideways (for obvious reasons).  I spent all month researching different word press themes and options that are good for photography. There are some really nice but really expensive options out there.  There are some real limits in customization without digging into the CSS which I’m not very good at but overall, I think this looks really good and now I know where all the parts go and how things work together, this will be my main site.

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Littleton, MA 01460


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