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clients, Photos, promotion / June 24, 2014

Summer travel to Florida

July is coming fast and will be gone before I know it. This whole week I have kid duty because they are out of school and there is a gap till summer school. I’m loving the time with my boys but it has been hard to juggle my work projects while my boys want to play. I’m loving the time though because I don’t often get this much Daddy time with my boys.

In July we are going to visit my parents in Boynton Beach Florida. If there are any fans of my work that are looking for a photo shoot in the area, please let me know. I’m offering a 25% discount for the starter package photo shoot scheduled in Florida on July 13.  I’ve only got 3 openings for that day so if you want to get some amazing photos of your pets or family while I’m visiting, please contact me to let me know. There are lots of beautiful places in the area from classic Florida city life to some beautiful beaches to shoot at.  I’ll be bringing my gear to shoot on location so please contact me soon to schedule a time that will work for you.

I’m also sitting on some really good news that I can’t talk about yet but make sure to stay connected to my blog, my facebook fan page or my email news letter. I hope to be able to spill the beans soon.Ferris WheelIsaac on the truck ride

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