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clients, Photos, Video / February 9, 2015

Sophie and Lola’s snow day

Sophie and Lola love the snow. When it’s time to go out, nothing makes them happier than romping around mounds of snow. This is really their year. When I first started the conversation with their owners, we talked about what they love about their dogs and what their dogs love. Sophie and Lola love snow and their local park in Arlington, MA is a perfect dog friendly park for them.

We talked about this before the new year when there wasn’t any snow. I kept tabs on the weather and tried to make sure that we got enough snow to make it worth going out. It’s funny now that we’ve had record breaking snow in New England but I did have reasons to worry. Years ago, I planned a similar shoot for two huskies that we would go out during a big storm because that was what the dogs loved best. That year, it didn’t snow at all and we ended up going out on the last days of the winter to get some photos. We still ended up with some beautiful shots but without any snow.

Sophie and Lola don’t have that problem. Before all these major storms hit, a perfect 6in storm came through and put down a beautiful coating. Fresh snow always makes for the best photos and we got a nice collection of pet portraits.

I decided before the shoot that I wanted to make this video to share with them. I shot some filler video with my iPhone as well as my Canon. It adds some nice transitions and I’m really happy with the video. I’m going to do this with more clients when I get the chance.

I’m hoping more people whose dogs love snow will want to do these kind of shoots. The dogs love it, we got some beautiful photos and they are going to have 4 beautiful photos hanging in their home for years to come.

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