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Photos / February 4, 2015

The snow never bothered me anyway

Yea, that’s not true. The snow totally bothers me. What’s worse is that it really bothers my dog, Toby. He’s a rat terrier with soft paws and just wants to bury himself under a mound of blankets until spring. He’s got a jacket but hates to wear it and I can just forget about paw slippers for him. He just won’t move. I have used Mushers though. They work really well. When there are no sidewalks and all the lawns are covered in 4 feet of snow (the joy of a New England Winter), it’s hard to get out for a long walk. I’m hoping for some nicer days soon so we can get out for a walk so he can stretch his legs.

The worst part for Toby is that he’s getting older and his joints are starting to ache. He turned 12 in October and is doing really well but we can see that he’s slowing down. Winters in New England can be hard but we do the best we can to keep him happy and comfortable. He gets to snuggle with me and there are always plenty of treats for him. For the next week, he’s got Tyson, my mother-in-laws dog, staying with us which often keeps Toby entertained.

The one thing I do like about winter is it can be a great time to shoot. Just after a storm is a really nice time to shoot. Everything is covered in fresh snow and there is still snow in the trees. I did a photo shoot last week that I’m still editing but will be showing to my client next week. Once they see it, I’m going to share a video of the photos. I’m really excited and I know they are going to LOVE the photos. Keep an eye out for that.



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