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clients, Photos / September 26, 2011

Smile for a Cure made me smile

Smile for a cure was a great success.  Everything came together really well.  I didn’t fill all the spots but it worked out anyway. My lighting assistant backed out at the last minute but so did one of the clients so I ended up breaking even on the process. Regardless, I was still able to raise $250 with the clients I did shoot and the events. A big thank you to those who signed up.

I want to give a big shout out to Jay at EP Levine who donated the space for the shoot. For you photographers out there, it’s an amazing space to shoot in.  Thanks also to Cody who took care of all my needs at Levine’s. A big thanks goes out to Nunthany Johnson, who put Smile for a Cure together. My assistant, Allison who came in on only a few hours of sleep also gets a nod of approval. Everyone involved was really great and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The day went off without a hitch. I got all my lighting to work, the dogs were perfect and everyone involved were really great. I put up a white seemless backdrop and it ended up being messy and full of paw prints by the end.  The first shoot was of 2 grayhounds. They were nervous at first but we were able to coax them into position for a few moments at a time to get them to pose.  I have lots of beautiful shots of them.  Then the next 4 dogs showed up. One young Golden and 3 yellow labs.  They were so nice but all over the place.  Getting them to stay in in one place at a time was a lot of work but the owners were prepared with hot dogs and squeakers.  A little bit of chaos but lots of fun and laughs.  Then the basset, mixes family showed up. They were great. I started shooting their son who needed head shots for his modeling career because he’s so cute.  Then we folded the dogs and the rest of the family into the photos.  It was a lot of different poses at once but we pulled it off and everyone seems really happy.

You can take a look at my smugmug page.  At the end of the day, I was wiped out but was super excited to see the photos.  I shot a lot but I ended up with a  lot too. I had a hard time editing them down because there were so many that came out.  If you’ve got a favorite, let me know. I know I had a great time and everyone has been really happy with their photos. It makes me look forward to my next shoot.


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