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opinion, Photos / March 14, 2014

Size Matters


There’s a big difference between a 4×6 and 24×36 inch print and how people react to it.

This photo shows how you can tell how important the size of your print is.  It’s amazing to me that people still even want 4×6 inch prints. When photography was analog and time consuming, it was a serious effort to create an 8×10 inch photograph but today, there really isn’t any limit. Technology today has made it so that you can make a print any size to be anywhere AND hold the quality.

The thing with digital though is that it doesn’t have to be printed ever. You can see it on your phone, share it online or just archive it. But when you have a photo you love (of your family, your dog, your horse), you’re going to want to share it with the people you care about. Putting it up on Facebook will be up and gone in a matter of hours. Prints hanging in your home or office last forever.

grandpa reading to 2 year old grandson. Black and white photo

Grandpa reading to Geoffrey

This photo of my dad reading to my boy is a great example of the importance of photography. Not because this photo is that great but behind them on the wall are photos that my parents treasure. The photos are of their family (us boys at our bar mitzvahs)  at one of the most important times in our their lives. These photos are over 30 years old but are just as important to them as any other work of art hanging in their home.

What I hope for my clients is that I create a work of art using them or their pet as the main subject matter. No one else in the world will have anything like it either. Because I shoot my style, with the input of my client so I know what they want from the photos, they get amazing, one of a kind works of art they can be proud to display forever.

I’m not against small prints. What I am for is allowing my clients to make a statement with their photos. My clients have friends and family over just to see my work on their wall. This is a moment in time my clients will have forever and always be proud to display for everyone to see.



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