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opinion, Photos / September 3, 2014

Shooting for the walls

boys on beach ballThere are always so many great photos we see online and in our travels. So many look great with bright vivid colors that just pop off our computer screens. For those who have tried printing those photos though, you might find the prints don’t have the same pop that you’d expect. Others might not look as crisp or sharp as you expected on paper as you see on the screen. The computer or TV screen is much more forgiving when looking at images. Our view of images on screen is also fleeting. How long do you think you spend on looking at a photo online. Not long for most people. And by not long, I mean seconds.

That is why when I’m shooting photos, I’m not thinking of what it will look like on screen but what it will look like on the wall. I want the photos to pop off the wall and have a long lasting presence in my clients life. It’s important for me to make sure everyone is happy in the long term with my photos. Having a photo hanging somewhere that everyone will see it is much more important to me then a folder full of images on a drive.

My favorite printing process right now is printing on aluminum. The quality of the image on the metal surface really makes it pop off the wall just like a computer screen and makes everyone say wow to the print. Every time I order one for my clients, it’s so wonderful to see the response of the work.



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