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Photos / September 7, 2016

Shooting for a good cause


gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-3What’s one more…

Last spring, I donated a photo session to Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, MA for their annual fundraiser. The Gedman family were the winning bidder so when the contacted me, they were a little nervous to claim their prize. Many photographers charge extra when you add more people and pets into a photo session. They wanted to make sure I was okay photographing their 6 dogs and two kids. They tried to assure me that the 4 small dogs were more like 2 dogs. I told them, the more the merrier. I don’t put a limit on the number of people and pets for the simple reason that the more that I get to shoot, the more to choose from.

Once we decided on a date and time, I ended up doing a photo session right in their little back yard. They live on a small lake with a tiny little yard and dock. Like with any shoot I do, I always want to get plenty of options so I made sure to work every inch of the space.

After editing the photos down, I went to visit them and show them the photos. I’m always a little nervous because I want my clients to be happy and I set a very high standard for all of my work. Well, the loved them. They loved them so much, we went through and took down older photos in the house to find places to hang the new work. The big canvas will be in the family room while 12 other photos will line the stairway heading upstairs.

I’m hoping to go there home to deliver and install the work next week sometime. I’ll be sharing it via Facebook and Instagram so keep following me there.

I love donating photos to good animal organizations like Baypath. They do so much good for so many dogs and cat.

gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-2 gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-4 gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-5 gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-6 gedman-family-photo-fred-levy-7canvas, client, print

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