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opinion, Photos / January 10, 2012

Setting goals for the new year

I’ve got some lofty goals for the next year. I hope that I can reach them but I know that I’ve got the support that I need to make them happen. Last year was all about learning what I need to know to successfully run a business.  This year is all about putting them into action. I’ve got some serious marketing campaigns starting this month that I’m super excited about.  I’m thinking about promotions that I can do that will both support me plus support the people and companies that I work with. I also have more plans for my dog park book project that I dream about but still haven’t gotten beyond the blog world. All that, plus teaching, tech stuff and spending as much time with the family is going to make for one great year.

A few things I hope to do this year are:

  • Spend more time with other photographers
  • blog every week. (Multiple times if possible but at least once a week)
  • start interviewing people for my book project.
  • Get professional help for the business where it’s needed.
  • help others as much as I can.

If all these things come together, I know I can start working on better projects and create some even greater work.

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