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Photos / February 12, 2016

Photo Friday – Service animals project

Service animals Project – Under the Vest

I’ve started a new project where I’ll be photographing people and their service animals. I’m sure lots of them will be service dogs but I know of different animals that help all kinds of peoples needs. From service monkeys to horses, you can find animals helping out in so many ways. I’ve come across some great organizations and have met all kinds of amazing people. My hope is to be able to dive deep into this idea of service animals and get to know the people and the animals involved. It can be wonderful experience and I hope to share it as I go.

I met Paige the guide dog and her owner, Chi, a professor at Berklee College of Music. I got to meet him and some of his students who are also blind. Part of what I found out pretty quickly is they are all pretty normal yet extraordinary people. The other thing I noticed quickly is the trust and bond the people have with their dogs. The dogs are not tools but partners in their quest to enjoy a fairly normal life. There are challenges that most people don’t deal with but they understand that it just comes with the process.

My hope is that I’ll be able to keep promoting this project and meet with all kinds of people, create beautiful photos and let these people tell their stories. We are at a point in history where we can better understand people who are different then ourselves and be able to accept them. The need for service animals is one area that most people don’t understand. I hope to bring a better understanding to a wider audience.

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