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clients, Photos / August 8, 2011


My neighbors loves her dog Riley, a spunky little Maltese.  She’s spoiled in all the right ways.  Well fed, lots of treats, long walks and endless amounts of love.  They just moved in down the street a few months ago and became fast friends to Toby on the walks.  Now Every walk, Riley is dragging her owner down the street to see Toby.  Riley is well taken care of as a dog though. She’s seen a good local trainer to help curb her barking and minor aggression issues and she is crate trained and still knows she’s a dog. Riley has also started her very own neighborhood watch where she barks anytime anyone comes up our little street.

I really wanted to photograph Riley in all her great outfits.  She gets all these great wrap around jackets to either keep her warm or dry (or both).  Some are really hip and she loves wearing them.  Toby hates wearing any clothes which can be difficult since he also hates being cold and wet.

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