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Photos / March 5, 2013

Promo’s are out to the masses

The Latest promo is out to the world.  I’ve sent these out to anyone who I thought might be interested in my work or having me make work for them.  They were sent out in two stages.  First was sent out to art buyers, magazines and ad agencies.  I’m hoping that somewhere between the mail pile to the waste bin, a few people will see the work and have a project that my work would be a good fit.  No one does everything so my focus on animals are a good fit for many projects.  Just the ability to create great work out of a what can be a chaotic event would give someone the chance on my work.

The other set of postcards went to local pets stores, doggy day cares, and veterinarian offices. If I can get in the mind of some of these places or they had clients that are looking for a portrait photographer for their pets and family, they might consider me.

We’ll see what happens. I’ve got 3 other postcards to mail out the rest of the year. The next one will be in late April to go along with my next email blast.  If you’d like to receive  my email list, just sign up. I use Mailchip which controls the private list and I don’t share it with anyone.  If you want a postcard, send me an email and I’d be happy to send one out. They look great on cubical walls or refrigerators.


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