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Events, Photos / March 10, 2014

Photos are installed

I’m really excited that my black dogs project photographs are up at the Gleason Library in Carlisle MA. This is a great opportunity to show the work in a smaller venue as a first glimpse into what the photos could really become.

When I first thought about this project, I really thought it would be a good eBook where I could use the photos, maybe add some video and do some interviews for it.  There has been a lot of talk from many people about this becoming a real book but to do that, it would take some real funding. To self publish a photography book takes a lot of work and money to get it rolling. If things keep going well though, I could get enough support to get a crowd funded project,  like this Kickstarter project, to make this a real thing.  Based on other projects I’ve seen, I suspect it would take around $25,000 to get everything done. It’s a lot to one person but not bad for a big group of people. It’s still in progress though so we’ll see what happens.

I am still hoping to get more dogs involved with this project. I just photographed a pug and a standard poodle and am still hoping to get about 10 more dogs to be involved. I’m excited about having 2 puppies come to the studio next week as well but if you know anyone or have a black dog, please drop me a line. I really want to hear from everyone and see if I can include them in the process. I’m starting to be a little pickier but I hope more people contact me soon.

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