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Photos / February 14, 2014

Photos of Fiona

Fiona Black and white


Fiona is one happy senior. Her mom got a gift certificate for a photo shoot with me for christmas and called me soon after because she was so excited for the photos.  We talked about it and decided that since there was a storm coming through before the weekend, we should plan for the day after the storm. The snow would be fresh and if all goes well, we would have really good weather. Well, as you can see, it worked out really well. Fiona was really excited and we found a good location in her town. Lots of open space and as long as we stayed off the ice, we were fine.

It was such an honor for me to photograph her. She had some serious health issues a few years before and was able to fight back and, with the help of her family, she is still around today, jumping, running and enjoying every day.  You can see that she really enjoys the snow and as long as we had her favorite toy close, we could get her to do mostly anything we wanted.

Very soon, Fiona will have her photos hanging up and getting all kinds of love to show off to her whole family.

Fiona Running

Fiona jumping in snow

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