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Photos / November 4, 2016

Photo Friday – Website has been updated

It’s been a while since I added some new photos to my main website. I am always posting new stuff on my facebook page and on Instagram but I often neglect my website so I went through and added some of my latest photos. It’s exciting to see my portfolio grow and some of the wonderful clients I’ve gotten to photograph. Keagan (above) was just photographed in The Fells which is a huge, beautiful park just outside of Boston. It was kinda funny because we got there so early, it wasn’t even open yet so we parked outside the gate and walked in. Totaly worth it.

Below is one of the family photos I took of a wonderful family. After talking about her dog, we ended up talking about gettings some nice family photos. I was able to create a beautiful set of photos for them that now hangs in their home.


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