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Photos / June 3, 2016

Photo Friday in the studio


The usual doggie suspects

These four showed up today ready to cause all kinds of trouble. They were so good it even shocked their owners. Once under the lights and getting all the attention, they had a great time and we got some great photos. We started by taking a photo of each and then put them all together in this shot.

Like so many shoots in the studio, most people assume the worst but I did what I could to keep it calm and let them feel comfortable so they could just sit and pose. Once they were in their spots, I just needed to make some noises and they all looked over. I was really happy and so were the owners. They ordered some photos and I’m going to work to figure out what size and layout will work best for their space.

If you’re around North Andover area tomorrow, I’ll be at Smolak Farm from 10-3 for the Bow Wow Bash. Stop by and say hi.

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