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Photos / January 22, 2016

Photo friday – Snow day

If your dog loves the snow, this will be a great weekend to get out. The east coast is getting a major storm, and I’m happy that most of New England won’t get the worst of it (Sorry DC).  I have to go out and shoot right after the storm stops to get the best backgrounds. I also want an overcast or, at least, some clouds in the sky. Full sun will give me a blue sky but will also give me lots of contrast, so I’ll have to bring extra lights to deal with that. I normally bring lights anyway but it can be tricky and slows us way down. A slight overcast is a perfect diffuser for lighting.

If your dog loves the snow, a few things in mind. Be careful of their paws. You can’t see below the snow so be mindful where you walk but also keep checking their paws. Snow can pack in between the pads and can get uncomfortable. If you’re in the city be mindful of salt. It will dry out the paws and cause them to crack. My dog hates boots so we use Mushers. Great for winter walking.

Know your dogs limits. It can be a lot more work to walk or run through the snow. Your normal walk might have to be a little shorter if your dog is getting tired. You know your dog best so keep track of how he/she is feeling.

My Toby will be happy to lay on the couch, next to the fireplace. He’s never been a big fan of the snow or being cold. I love shooting in it but if I’m not shooting, I’ll be hanging out with Toby.

dog on couch

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