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Photos / September 23, 2016

Photo Friday – Shiba Inu in the studio

This week, I had a celebrity dog, Yoshi, here in the studio. Yoshi and Kona, both Shiba Inu dogs, came to the studio for a special shoot. The whole process started with wanting nice photos of Kona who is not so wild about the camera and is always on high alert. Her owner would love to include her more with Yoshi but she just isn’t as into the camera.

Kona was a real trooper for our shoot. New places can be scary and having the strobes go off was difficult. Her owner brought lots of cheese and other treats to let her know that everything was okay. We didn’t rush the shoot and I make sure that I stayed back while shooting so she would be a little more comfortable. Since I’m shooting in the studio, I can see the photos on my computer as I’m shooting so we would stop and make sure we are getting the shots and not over load Kona with too many photos.

Yoshi is more comfortable in front of the camera but like I’m learning, Shiba Inu dog’s have a mind of their own and will only do what they want. It was really great photographing them and getting to understand how to work with them. You have to be a special person to own this breed. Patience is a requirement and their owner was great. He was helpful and totally understanding of the process.

In the end, we got some pretty amazing photos and are already planning our next big shoot.


shiba Inufred-levy-photography-3 fred-levy-photography-5 fred-levy-photography-7

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