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Photos / August 7, 2015

Photo Friday – Shelby and Cody

Last week, I did a photo shoot for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. They have a large network of foster parents who take care of dogs until they can get into a forever home. We photographed 8 dogs in one day. It was a crazy, fun, exhausting day. In the middle of that, one of the fosters asked to get photos of their two dogs at the studio. Fortunately, she came when we had a break between fosters and we were able to take time and get the photos we wanted.

Yesterday, she came by the studio for her reveal and we looked at all the photos. She purchased 3 photos and we made sure it would look great on her wall. I’m really excited to see them because I’m printing them on aluminium. They are going to look amazing. This is the main photo. Her dogs were great and I know they are going to love these photos for a very long time.

I was also really happy that I could offer her a discount. For all the work it takes to foster dogs, I’m honored to photograph her dogs.

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