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Photos / April 8, 2016

Photo Friday – Puppies

Puppies at Paws in the Park, Pineville NC

Last weekend, I was down in North Carolina for the Paws in the Park event. I was invited down to talk about my black dogs project book and meet people at the event. I don’t think I was the celebrity they were hoping I would be but I was glad I could come down. I was able to meet all kinds of great and generous people. One of the volunteers who was helping me out was so kind, she bought 2 books for two different strangers for no other reason than to be nice.

She also introduced me to Bryan Saint who was a magician at the event. I got a private show of his work. I was totally entertained. To be able to stand there and control where I was looking and totally distract me to follow the cues I put out was great.

Oh and the puppies. LOTS of puppies, many looking for a forever home. I would have loved to bring one (or more) home but I know Toby (my dog) would not be pleased.

Paws-Fred-Levy-Photography-NC-1puppy-Fred-Levy-Photography-NC-1 puppy-Fred-Levy-Photography-NC-2

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