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Photos / February 27, 2015

Photo Friday – looking back

Being winter is a slow time for me, I thought I’d look back at some of my photos I’ve shot that got me started. I’ve loved shooting most of my clients and always work my tail off to get the best photos I can. Some worked out and others could have been better but I believe I got some great photos for each.  Igor, above, was one of my first clients that found me online without knowing anything about me. It was a hard shoot because it was inside and my lights died but we got some great shots.

Cheech - Yorkie Terrier Boston Public Gardens

This is Cheech. I LOVED shooting cheech. We made all kinds of great photos. Cheech found my photos at Pawsh and came all the way up from NYC just for his Boston photo shoot. What a great time and to know that a canvas of him is proudly hanging in their house makes me so happy.German Shepherd and Huskie

My friend had two huskies and her son had the german shepherd. We starting planning their shoot in the summer and wanted a big snow storm. That was the winter it didn’t snow so we shot this on one of the last days of winter. What was so important is that we got her photos before her other dog (not in the photo above) passed away only a few weeks later.Senior dogs last photos

This dog’s owner contacted me because her dog was the love of her life and she was going to have to put her to sleep in the next few days. We did both in studio and out in the snow shoots. I really love this photo but the owner could never look at the photos. It was too much for her. I totally understand.

It’s not the first time I’ve been contacted by a senior dog owner. If you love your dog and want beautiful photos to always remember you furry family, please get photos done throughout their whole life.  Puppy photos are cute, young dogs have energy and older dogs are wise with love. You should get photos to represent all of these times.

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