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Photos / October 9, 2015

Photo Friday – Fall is coming

Now that fall is here, I’m really excited about my latest shoots. I just did a shoot at a beach in Quincy, MA and will be in Carlisle soon. I love the color and even the turbulent weather. Most people who hire me don’t recognise a stormy day as a good day. The worst day to shoot is midday on a clear day. Blue skies are nice but clouds offer drama and even soften the light. I’m even looking forward to winter for all those dogs out there that love the snow (you know who you are).

Here are some photos I took of Duncan last fall. They were still living in Watertown near a park with these boats as sculptures.  Most of the leaves were down but we got some beautiful photos and they were so happy. You might recognise Duncan from the Black Dogs Project book.

Duncan in boat in Watertown.

Duncan in boat in Watertown.


Duncan and Family in Watertown, MA


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