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Photos / May 1, 2015

Photo Friday – Cute cat photos

My neighbor loves her cat, Barney. He is her constant companion and it’s great. He was adopted from Buddy Dog over 10 years ago and has the life every cat wants. Lots of attention, his own personal space, good food and a spot in the sun to lay in. That’s the life.

We’ve been talking about taking pet portraits of Barney for a while and we finally made a schedule to create these photos. I don’t often get to photograph cats and it has all the unique challenges you’d expect from a cat photo shoot. Many of the shots were of his but because he kept turning away from the camera. It took a while but we did get Barney to relax and enjoy the shooting process. We took photos outside and inside my studio and we ended up with a few nice photos.

Spring is still popping up and we are going to do one more shoot in her garden once the flowers all come up and the grass has that lush green colors.

It was a good shoot and Barney’s mom was gushing with pride about her beautiful boy. Let me know what you think.Barney the cat in the studio


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