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Photos / January 13, 2016

Photo a day

For the past week, I’ve been taking a photo of Toby every day and editing them to post on my personal facebook page. I was given a FB challenge from a friend to post a photo. Instead of going into my archives, I decided to take a new photo every day. It’s a lot of work but since January is a pretty slow time of year, I took about an hour each day to setup, shoot, edit and post a photo. The hardest part of the process is coming up with a new idea. Executing the idea is pretty easy. Coming up with a new idea each day is the hard part. Oh, and Toby can be a difficult model. He knows all my tricks and never listens to me. I am pretty happy with many of these photos and will have to make some prints when I get a chance.

At the beginning of the year, I often think about how last year went and how to improve in the next. It can be daunting on both ends. It’s easy to focus on the negative even when there were so many good things last year and the next year seems so huge and overwhelming that even getting started can be difficult. There are lots of good things going on right now and I’m working with some great people to find and create new, exciting work. I’m hoping this is going to be a busy year and every effort will lead to the next.

What are your hopes for the new year? Will you be doing the work you love?

Fred-Levy-Photo-toby-newyear-5 Fred-Levy-Photo-toby-newyear-4 Fred-Levy-Photo-toby-newyear-3 Fred-Levy-Photo-toby-newyear-2 Fred-Levy-Photo-toby-newyear-1

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