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Events, Photos / July 6, 2011

Pet Source photo event for the 4th of July

I was at Pet Source in Marlborough on June 25 to do a photo event.  When I first signed up for this, I thought it would be fun and a good way to meet some new pet people.  I never expected how much of a win it would be for everyone who came in.  If people knew more about what was given away, we should of had a line out the door and into the parking lot.  Everyone who got a photo taken from me, not only got a great 5×7 print but a huge bag of goodies, treats and a toy.  All told, it was worth well over $40.  There is voting on line where people can vote for the cutest picture and that dog will win a $150 shopping spree at the store.  That’s huge!  So not only did you get a great photo, and a bag full of good stuff (this wasn’t the cheep stuff either), you got a chance to with a shopping spree!  WOW!!  I was shocked.

If you’re thinking you missed out and feeling a little down, don’t worry. I’m scheduled in two other stores and they will be giving away even more goodies at each event.  I’ll be at the Stow store on July 30th.  You should really come by and check it out.  You can bring any pet you want. I shot both dogs and cats but bring your fish or iguana too.  All pets are welcome as long as you can get them into the store.

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