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Photos / November 21, 2014

Photo Friday – My pet portrait process

pet portrait

Duncan Before and after pet portrait

I work hard everyday to continue to improve my photography. In this pet portrait shoot I did of Duncan in Watertown, MA, we went out on a bright sunny day which can be very challenging to shoot in. We took all kinds of great photos and for many of them, I had to add extra light or make serious edits in Lightroom and Photoshop. My process breaks down into three parts. First, I bring the photos in and make sure they are securely saved and in my lightroom catalog. Then I start choosing my favorite photos. This alone can be a hard process because I have to look at composition, facial expressions, sharpness and other, less tangible things about the photo that speaks to me and weed out all the photos that don’t make the cut.

Then I stop. I put the photos away and move on to another project. I need to separate myself from the work for about a day so I can have fresh eyes when working. For the second part I start the adjustment process. Color balance, cropping, spotting and focusing on what ideas the client had.  My goal is to create a tight body of work that shows the best qualities of my subjects. I’m want to make sure my clients are as excited about the photos as I am.

Then I stop again. I want to step away and come back and look at the photos that really stand out. In this last part, I’m down to top 10-20, I start editing even more. I pick one file that I really like and edit it to the completed process. Touching up, adding effects, toning or other setting that will make the photo really pop. I will often push myself, learning new tricks and researching ideas. I don’t know everything but I sure know how to improve and I love the process.

Now I’m ready to sit down with my client, and show them all the best photos. I want to point out the edits that I did to the one great photo and let them know that I’ll apply that much effort to all the photos they want to purchase. When I deliver the final photos, I want it to be the best possible photos they can be. Not all photos need this much touch up but if it’s going in their home or office, I want to make sure every detail is perfect.

Duncan and I are going to be working on a long term project to make a beautiful album and I’m really excited to see what we create.

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