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clients, Photos, promotion / June 20, 2012

New York fashion photography shoot

A week ago, I did a fashion photography shoot of Juli Raja’s mens shirts and children clothes.  Juli is part of a collaborative of New York City jewelers and clothing designers that rent a beautiful space called 12 Lions Studio in the heart of Manhattan.  I contacted Juli when I was looking for projects to work on and wanted to expand my fashion, portrait portfolio. It was great timing as she just started working with 12 Lions. I thought she would send me some clothes and I’d do some work up here in Boston.  It turned out that the collaborative was in desperate need of great photos of their space and the products so I drove down to NYC with my studio in the trunk.

I started the day shooting some of the kids who she recruited to model for the photos.  They were SO fun.  Juli’s apartment complex has a great playground in the middle so we brought the clothes  down and let the kids pick what they wanted to wear.  It was a ton of fun.  Getting the kids to do what I wanted was pointless but I tried to connect with each of them and let them have fun.  I think we got some really fun photos doing just what Juli wanted.  She wanted to show play and motion while showing off the clothes.

In the afternoon, I we were suppose to photograph some models wearing the men’s shirts.  It turned out that finding guys in NYC who want to model amazing clothes is hard to find.  Who knew.  Her husband, Kanishka (an amazing artist in his own right) is a great model that Juli can always count on.  He ended up doing all the rest of the modeling for the day.  With a few different locations, and trying some fun experiments with motion, we ended up with some great photos.

In the middle of the day, I did a bunch of photos for 12 Lions Studio that they can use to promote their space.  It’s an amazing place allowing a good group of artists to show their wears in a space that would never be accessible to them otherwise.

The best part, is that Juli loves the photos and will be able to promote her new work in the future.  I had a great time and hope to be able to come back and do more work for them.


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