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Events, Photos / July 31, 2014

new website is coming

Willow: German Shepard puppyOkay. I took the leap and I’m moving my website to Photoshelter. I’m excited about it and already like the clean design and setup. The next step is moving all my clients work over and pointing my website directly to their services.  I want to make sure that everything is all under one roof when people are looking for me. They have much more to offer in the sense of selling work. I can do more then sell just prints but I can sell rights to use the photos. When selling commercial work, I want to sell usage rights instead of images so they have a whole setup that does most of that thinking for me. Once I have a setup though, I can configure it to fit my needs. I’ll also be moving my printing process over to WHCC (White house custom color). They offer all the same printing but are said to have the highest standards for print quality and customer support. That is what I want to offer because I want my clients to have their photos for a lifetime and to be passed down so having high quality printing and care for the process is really important.

The thing that I’m still confused about is how to keep my blog roll working. I want to keep posting and sharing work to let you know what I’m doing. I am doing that all on my own through my wordpress website and once I point my page, I want to be able to continue to use this page. I’ll work with Photoshelter to make sure I do this with the least amount of down time.

A lot of things are going in my favor right now and I hope to keep it up. The Black Dog Project is getting some good attention and I’m in a good place to get the book ready. I’m ranking higher on Google which makes me really happy that all my hard work is paying off and there are some new events happening soon that will be really helpful. (oh and if google bots is reading this post: pet photography, pet photos, pet photographer, great pet photographer, fun pet photos, portraits, pet portraits, and I LOVE YOU GOOGLE).

There are also some cool stuff happening where you can find me. I’ll be the official pet photographer at the NE Pet Expo in September. You can also support the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue in Hudson, MA by bidding on a photo shoot they will be auctioning off Sunday Sept 7. A good time will be had so check it out. Also in September, I’ll be doing some special photo events in Boston with Pawsh Boston Boutique. We are still working out the details and I know it will be fun.

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