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Photos / February 4, 2014

New blog for black dog project

I’m excited to announce a new blog, Black Dogs Project  dedicated to the photos I’ve been shooting of black dogs. I’ve been holding the photos close to me since I stared and haven’t been doing a lot of sharing. Even still, I’ve been getting some really good response from people who follow my Facebook page and just good old fashion word of mouth. I’ve shot 18 dogs so far and have more on my calendar. 

The new page is on Tumblr mostly because of the social sharing aspect that tumblr offers. I went back and forth about what I wanted to share but decided that I needed to be flexible and let them out their in the world so more people could find out about the project.

I’m working hard now to update my website and put new photos up here so I can show off the work from this site since it is my home base. I really want people to come to this page and find my work.  Please keep spreading the word and letting people know about the project. It’s even easier now that I’ve got the new page up. Contact me if you have any questions.

Oh and if anyone has any connections to  President Obama’s new dog, please let them know I’m working on this book. I’d love to include Sunny in the project. I’ve already shot one Portuguese Water Dog but I’d be willing to add Sunny and even Bo in if given the chance.


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