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opinion, Photos / January 9, 2013

My New Canon 40mm lens rocks!

Geoffrey at Maynard's Golf Club after sleddingFor the new year, I decided to invest into some new gear and equipment for my studio.  With all the expensive equipment I’ve purchased this year, one of my favorite things I purchased was the Canon 40mm 2.8.  This is the first prime lens I’ve used in a while and I love it for a few reasons.  First of all, It’s small.  I mean super small.  It doesn’t stick out farther then the grip on my 5Diii which is amazing.  After using the 24-105 and 70-200, it’s such a nice change to be able to use carry around this camera and have it sit on my hip without thinking about it.  My family and I took it out when we went sledding for the first time this winter and it was super easy to use that I kept getting in it’s way.  I’m so use to zooming with my other lenses, I kept reaching for it so there was a real learning curve I have to get over.Geoffrey pushing Mom and Isaac

The next thing I love is how sharp and fast the lens is.  Most people think a 2.8 is average these days with bigger glass going down to 1.2.  I shot inside and out and had no problem.  Especially since I can change the ISO to be so high now with my camera, I can get away with a lot more.  Plus, most of what I normally shoot with is the 24-105 (my go-to lens) this is really speedy.

If there is one issue with the lens, is that it’s not super fast in focusing.  From what I’ve read, the reason for that is around shooting video with the lens. The lens manual focus around the barrel takes longer which is better for pulling focus while shooting video.  One of my goals this year is to get into more video work so I’ll be using this lens for that to start with.

Overall, I do love this, super cheep lens.  Back in the film days, all I shot was prime lenses but since switching to digital, I was excited about the quality of the zoom lenses.  Now I want to go back to getting primes. The next lens I’d like would be a 85mm.  I need some more clients before I get one for myself though.

Isaac with spiderman hat

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