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Photos / February 5, 2014

So much editing


These two were sitting here but as you can see, I did a bit of work to make the ground not so obvious.

It’s been a crazy few days. I’ve been shootings lots of black dogs for the past few weeks. I had almost 10 just last week. This is great because I’m building a big collection of dogs but I ended up being really behind on editing the photos. These photos need lots of editing too.  Part of the process of doing the shoot is to use a black cloth backdrop. Well, dogs shed and drool all over everything while the shoot is going on so I try to go through and edit out all the extra hair, dander, and drool that is on the floor of the images.

I really care to make these image great so even though I vacuum up as much as I can before each shoot. I end up having to do a lot of post production after the fact. It’s not that I mind. I love editing and I’m good at it.  It does just take a lot of time and when I’m busy shooting or just other general business work, it is easy to fall behind.

As you can see in this sample, They don’t always stay on their spot but if they are cute enough, I’ll bend time and space to make the photo look good.


This is what they looked like before I did any editing. Just some minor color correction. All the heavy lifting happened in Photoshop.

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