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Photos / March 3, 2017

Photo Friday: Make way for ducklings and Fuji

Fuji and Kibo had a early morning photo shoot at the Boston Public Gardens. We only had a short time but we got some really fun shots. I love this main shot of Fuji in front of the statue, Make Way for Ducklings. They also came with their friend, Jem. Fuji and Jem are both in training to become service dogs for Canine Companions and the more I work with the trainers and handlers, the more I like the organization. They are doing such great work. I’ll be doing photo events at different Especially for Pets stores around my area and part of the proceeds will go towards Canine Companions. I hope that I can make a real difference in getting dogs to people who need them.

I’ll be doing another shoot of Kibo in the spring so I can put together a custom album to celebrate how great Kibo and Fuji are.

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