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Photos / November 25, 2015

Liberty in Boston

While the leaves were still on the trees, I did a photo shoot in Boston in the Boston Public Gardens. They were looking for fun, nature photos but wanted Boston to be a big part of the shoot. He works in the city and she’s a teacher on Carlisle. Liberty is there new puppy that has become the center of their lives. She is a great dane, labrador mix and still growing. I knew we needed an early morning shoot to avoid the crowds as well as get that early morning light. It worked out great.

It’s funny to walk around with them and Liberty. She is big and still growing so most people think she’s full grown. Looking at the photos, I can really see the puppiness in her. She was on high alert in most of the photos with all the city squirrels running around. Liberty was really good though and when it was time for her solo shots, she would stay well for us. What you don’t see, just out of frame is the owners making sure Liberty doesn’t try to play with the geese, squirrels or other dogs.

By 9:30 am, we were done with the park and decided to get the city included. We walked over to the Boston Public Library and used it for the backdrop for our final shots. They turned out so good. It’s now hanging as a large canvas in their home. You can see my sample shot on my instagram page.

I love these kinds of shots. A young couple who LOVES their dog is so great. As their family grows over time, they will have these photos that will be an anchor to this time in their lives when everything wasn’t too crazy. Liberty will grow and become the love and care that will ground their family to always respect and enjoy life. (and be able to laugh when a gassy dog is sleeping on the couch)

Liberty_Dog_Family_fredlevyart-3Liberty_Dog_Family_fredlevyart-1 Liberty_Dog_Family_fredlevyart-2

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