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Photos / February 17, 2016

Keeping my ideas alive

Get a project started.

Starting a project can be daunting. I’ve always got new ideas going floating through my mind and I try to write them down or test them out when I can but sometimes just starting can be the hardest part. All great journey’s start with a first step. My first step is to just talk about my project with friends. It’s always great hearing feedback and getting different ideas. People also point out others I can talk with and get their friends interested. I really believe in the idea that rising tides lifts all boats so many of my ideas are often helpful to many other people.

Still, getting started can be a bumpy road. Like this newest idea about service animals. I have lots of people who want to be involved but it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s schedule. Things get complicated and I’m counting on the kindness of others so if something comes up, it’s hard to stay on their schedule. I totally understand but I want to keep busy too. I’m hoping that as things get busier and I can share with everyone about the projects progress.

I’m also figuring out how this project will look. I just took some photos at a training session for Canine Companions at Especially for pets. They do a monthly training for people who are training dogs to become service dogs for people who need them. It’s great to go in, visit and take photos. I know though that this is just the start and will lead down a path to creating really engaging photos that will help tell the story better. Everything I took photos of was very documentary in style. My hope is to make them more formal where the dogs and handlers really show off as well as look engaging for the photo. Everyone was really great so I’m sure I’ll be welcome back and talk more with them and take better photos. That will let me tell a better story which is what I really want.

service dog being trainedservice dog waiting

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