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opinion, Photos / December 26, 2014

iphone photography regret

This photo was shot with my iphone. I love the light and composition but I don’t think it will print well.

I’ve believe that the best camera you own is the one you have with you. Now that everyone has a camera on their phone everyone can enjoy taking all kinds of photos. I use my iphone to take photos all the time. I use it to post photos on my instagram page and my tumblr site but I’m feeling a little bit of regret not having more of these photos shot with my good camera. Some of these photos I might never have gotten and the filters on instagram are fun. My regret is that I can’t do much more with these photos. These photos look fine on my computer or smart phone but once I try to print the photos, they fall way short of the quality I want.

I create photos because I want to see them in the world; hanging on a wall or in a book. To get the photo to look great outside of the computer, I want to have more then just a high megapixel camera. I need good glass, control over exposure and the ability to shoot RAW. This will give me the flexibility to create the work I want and get the photos out of my computer.

I still love iphone photography and will keep shooting because it’s easy and accessible. I feel that I’ve creating some beautiful photos using light and composition with my iphone and firmly believe that any camera can make good photos. My only concern is that it really limits the output I can do with the photos. In the new year, even though it’s heavy and draws a lot of attention, I’ll try to bring my big camera out more to share those photos. I always want to be putting my best foot forward.

Toby shot in the studio and then brought the photo into instagram

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