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Photos / April 8, 2011

I WILL do more

Toby trying to play rock band

I’m on a quest to create really dynamic commercial photographic work.  To do this, I’ve really got to bring my photography work up to a new level. I’m working with some really great help right now and I know that will help.  The hard part though is that I’m just entering this tunnel.  There is no light to be seen at the end yet. That won’t be for a while and that is depressing.  I’ve focused so much on creative art with no real direction for so long that now that I really have a focus, it’s hard to even know where to go with it.  This photo doesn’t offer me much comfort that I can bring it to that level but you’ll see, soon enough.  This is only a start.  I’m giving myself assignments and am going to be really hard on myself to make sure that the work I do create will be great.

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