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Photos / December 20, 2016

I can shoot that too

Because I love to explore new things

I’ve had a few opportunities this year to photograph things other than animals and they have been pretty exciting. Another photographer passed along an event for a 50th-year high school reunion and in the process, I met a guy with a small collection of cars and motorcycles. We did a little talking and I ended up taking a fun picture with my phone of his 1961 corvette. He loved it and hired me to create an album of his cars and bikes. We schedule a nice fall day and I spent the whole day creating these photos. By the new year, I’ll have an album ready for him.

It’s a very different process photographing cars and bikes. Some things make it easy because it’s just sitting and it never gets tired. There were some serious challenges. Unlike photographing a person or pet, you can’t ask the car or bike to move. To move it is a lot of work so getting it in a good location that offers flexibility and moving the lights around really make for a lot more work. I also had to watch reflections and learned a lot about the importance of polarizing filters.

I’ve also had the opportunity to photograph some important people in their fields. One example is the head of HR at IBM Watson in Cambridge MA. She was interviewed for a HR magazine and they asked me to create a series of photos. They have a huge space with some cutting edge technology but since Watson now lives online there isn’t some giant blue box that I got to talk to. Some rooms were pretty amazing but most spaces they worked with were all open space with whiteboards everywhere. I was able to create a nice set of photos that the publisher loved and put out in their latest magazine.

Workforce Magazine with image included

I hope I get more opportunities to create photographs like this. It’s a great way for me to stretch out my creativity. It all relates back to being able to take good photographs that represent the subject, no matter what that subject might be.

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